Bringing the sun to the carwash experience.
Illustration of Sun Day's founder
A note from our founder

There’s only one errand I run that my kids beg me to come along and that's the carwash. There’s something about the carwash that sets it apart – it's fun, it's renewing, and it makes you feel good.

When we started Sun Day, our goal was to bring out the best of the carwash by injecting modern technology to offer up a unique and memorable carwash experience unlike any other.

Justin Holland
Founder and CEO of Sun Day
Illustration of Sun Day's founder
Our Values
Illustration of a person magically washing a car with a magic want
See magic in the details

From every brush in the tunnel to every pixel in our app, we consider every detail. Why? Because we believe that the magic lives in the details.

Illustration of a person polishing a car
Uphold carwash traditions

We innovate in order to honor the best of the carwash - feelings of fun, renewal, and pride - through physical and digital experiences. We never lose sight of what makes the carwash special in the first place.

Illustration of scientists high-fiving
New things aren't scary

When it comes to perfecting the carwash experience, we aren’t afraid to test and try new things. Many things will work, and some things won’t. That’s okay. We try, we learn, and we try again.